Jim Scott

Program Chair, High School

School of Foundational Learning

Reddi Ganta

Chair, Academic Upgrading

Lisa Turner

Chair - College and Career Preparation

Marda Schindeler

Chair, Academic Upgrading

Ewa Wasniewski

Assistant Dean, School of Continuing Education

Vivian Archibald

Program Coordinator

Kristy Marsh

Department Head of Student Services

Reg Pakosz

Program Coordinator, Academic Upgrading and Open Studies

Shelley Kolodzinski

Program Manager, Academic Upgrading

Tracy Topolnitsky

Chair, Academic Upgrading

Eddie Sargent

Chair Academic Upgrading

Melanie Hunter

ACE Coordinator

Julia Rheaume

Associate Dean
School of Education

Enda Morley

Chair, Academic Upgrading

Clare Ard

Articulation Manager, Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer

Stephen Wright

Senior Manager, Locally Developed Courses, Cross Curriculum Infusion Branch

Denise Gazloff

Manger, Foundational Learning Policy

Diane Wishart

Manager, Post Secondary Programs