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Course Review Submission Form

In order for a course to be published as a “high school equivalency course” on the ACAT and Transfer Alberta websites, it must have successfully passed the PAUC Course Review Process. During this process, the course will be reviewed by at least 3 subject matter experts from PAUC member institutions.

If the course is deemed equivalent to an Alberta Education course through this process, that means the learning outcomes and activities closely match those outlined by Alberta Education.

Delivery Method

  • Face-to-face

  • Online Asynchronous

  • Online synchronous

  • Independent Study

  • Blended (a combination of any of the above)

Delivery Hours

(Recommended 75-100 hrs in any combination of delivery modes)

Provide the following documentation along with your submission:

  • Course Outline (must include calendar description, grading system, delivery hours, method of delivery, and prerequisites)

  • Final Exam (cumulative final exam(s) and/or midterm exam demonstrating a min. of 80% match to Alberta Education Program of Studies)

  • Alberta Education Course Outcomes Comparison Checklist (a spreadsheet comparison of general and specific learning outcomes compared to Alberta Education outcomes)

Please collect all required materials and send them to the PAUC Curriculum Review Coordinator, Shelley Kolodzinski, at

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